PATCO Thermal Wire Stripper PTS-10 step by step operation.

Use this method to strip short pieces of wire. For higher production, the thermal wire stripper can be temporarily table mounted using double stick tape for two hands operation.

1.) Align the wire with the largest opening in the element

2.) Insert the wire as far as required using visual judgment or adjustable wire stop.


3.) Move the wire towards the tapered end of the stripping element, applying pressure until resistance is felt.

4.) Rotate the wire 1/4 turn maintaining slight pressure into the "V", so the insulation is completely cut. 


5.) Without releasing the slight side pressure, pull the wire away from the element.

 6.)This will remove the insulation slug without any damage to the conductor.

Please note that the six illustrated pictures are actually one fluid motion lasting only less than a second.


Thermal Wire Stripping

PATCO wire stripping tools feature a revolutionary and unprecedented technology not offered by any other company. PATCO Strippers meet the highest standards on ESD sensitive hardware, in stripping quality, stripping speed, fumes emission and safety. There is only one stripping element so there is never an alignment problem.

PVC Strippers are very fast, low power tools with extremely long life stripping elements. These hard temper Nickel-Chromium alloy elements retain their hardness throughout their lives. Due to the very low element's mass, they rapidly heat and cool down. PTS-10 & PTS-100 models were designed to stay continuously energized, whereas all other models have ON/OFF switch. Once the insulation is thermally separated, the insulating slug is then simply pushed off the conductor. All this is achieved by one very fast and fluid motion.

There are frequently asked questions if the PTFE stripper can also remove PVC type insulation? Stripping PVC is very different than stripping PTFE. There are reasons why we do not recommended it. PVC insulation can leave residue on the stripping element which should be removed prior to increasing the element temperature. If not, the residue will burn off when the stripping temperature is raised for PTFE insulation. This puff of smoke is toxic. PVC strippers are set to low PVC melting temperatures. They are smaller, faster, less expensive and with much longer element life.

The element design for high temperature insulation features two sections. Ringing section (heated section where the insulation is thermally separated) and pulling section where the thermally separated insulation slug is wedged between two parallel edges of the stripping element for an easy removal. Although this section of the element also carries the current which heats the grooving section, it is not annealed (due to its greater widths thus much lower resistance) and it retains its hard temper. In addition, these edges are also supported by .025" thick, hard temper element support. This will allow pulling a slug as long as 12" without damaging the element. Please note that conductors # 24-30 AWG are stripped directly at the heated end of the stripping element. The inner surface area of these wires against the insulation is very small so there is no danger to damage the element while pulling of the slug.

The stripping element is only .010" thick (.008" PTS-10) and therefore the thermally cut groove width is much narrower than the two element models offered by other manufacturers. This low mass thermal stripping technology means less power, faster heating time, shorter cooling time less fumes and higher quality strip. The longevity of the element is also greatly extended because the annealed portion of the element is used mainly for ringing (separating) the insulation rather than pulling off the slug.

Of course there are no nicks because of the rounded edges of the stripping element. The heated section of the element is also protected by an element guard, thus reducing the risk of burns. The segmented design of the studs helps dissipate heat thus reducing risk of burns even in prolonged use. The weight of the PTS-30 tool is 0.4 kg and the weight of the PTS-3 adjustable temperature model is 0.124 kg.

There are also other unprecedented design features such as gage selector, flicker accessory etc. not available on any other currently available tools. PATCO Thermal Strippers are also less expensive than competitive models.

Each model is equipped with different element mounting hardware which must be assembled in certain order otherwise the tool will not work properly. Please visit our web site and carefully observe close-up pictures of the 5 available models to see the difference in element mounting hardware. It is not economical to keep switching elements and hardware designed for other models in order to extend the wire stripping range of a single tool.

NOTE: We do not recommend switching high temperature stripping elements once fully energized (discolored)!

The discolored portion of the element was annealed. It lost its strength. It bends and distorts easily! It can be therefore easily damaged when screwed and tightened to the posts. The damage is caused by friction and torque transferred to the element in the process of screw tightening.

PATCO is a manufacturer for state of the art wire stripping products, included in our line of products are the wire strippers, wire cutter, coaxial cable stripper, wire stripper cutter as well as the thermal wire stripper. We carry a cable stripping tool for any need. PATCO's wire stripping and cable stripper is easy to use and guaranteed for a one year period from the date of shipment.

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