Thermal Wire Stripper Replacement Parts & Accessories


P/N: 0050-009

*Specially formulated PTFE release agent. Prevents sticking of insulation to the  element. (Recommended for all low temperature models. Not recommended for PTS-30-40 Models)

Cleaning Brush               

P/N: 0050-008

(Recommended for all models)


Adjustable Wire Stops     

PTS-3/30/40/300 Series,

PTS-10/100 PTS-20/20A/20HD/25/50/60 PTS-3/30/40/300 Series
P/N: 0010-005 P/N: 0050-005 P/N: 0030-005
Gauge Selector



P/N: 0030HD-004
P/N: 0030-004

Replacement Elements
PTS-3/30/40/300 Series

Replacement Elements
PTS-10/100, PTS-20/20A, PTS-20HD/25, PTS-50/60


Patco Inc. also makes a wide variety of custom elements.
Please call for more details.

Flicker Assembly
Price: $6.20

PTS-3/30/40/300 Series
Please Call to Order.

P/N: 0030-007

Rechargeable Battery



Additional PKR Cutters
Additional PKR Cutters (Pkg. of 5)  
Product Code: 0001 
PKR Cutters:
  Red .020" Cutters (Price $10.00)
  Orange .030" Cutters (Price $10.00)
  Yellow .040" Cutters (Price $10.00)
  Green .050" Cutters (Price $10.00)
  Blue .060" Cutters (Price $10.00)
  Purple .070" Cutters (Price $10.00)
  Gray .080" Cutters (Price $10.00)
  White .090" Cutters (Price $10.00)
  Black .100" Cutters (Price $10.00)
Pink (custom size) - Specify blade length (Price $13.00):   
Price: Based on Selection

Additional PKR-1 Dies  
Select additional or replacement dies below.
PKR-1 Dies:
  P/N 0002-.150 (Price $25.00)
  P/N 0002-.200 (Price $25.00)
  P/N 0002-.250 (Price $25.00)
  P/N 0002-.300 (Price $25.00)
  P/N 0002-.350 (Price $25.00)
  P/N 0002-.400 (Price $25.00)
  P/N 0002-.450 (Price $25.00)
  P/N 0002-.500 (Price $25.00)
  P/N 0002-.550 (Price $25.00)
  P/N 0002-.600 (Price $25.00)
  P/N 0002-.650 (Price $25.00)
  P/N 0002-.700 (Price $25.00)
  P/N 0002-.750 (Price $25.00)
Price: Based on Selection



For additional replacement parts & accessories not shown on this website please contact PATCO.

  Thermal Wire Strippers are the future of hand-held wire strippers used in the electronic and electrical industry.  Patco Inc. is the manufacturer of the largest variety of thermal wire strippers in the world.  


PATCO is a manufacturer for state of the art wire stripping products, included in our line of products are the wire strippers, wire cutter, coaxial cable stripper, wire stripper cutter as well as the thermal wire stripper. We carry a cable stripping tool for any need. PATCO's wire stripping and cable stripper is easy to use and guaranteed for a one year period from the date of shipment.

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