Thermal Wire Stripper PTS-30/40 Series

PTFE Insulation

Note: The operator may remove insulation with this tool because of a fixed calibrated stripping section, which eliminates conductor scraping.  Weapons specification WS-6536E does not permit this when other thermal strippers are used.

  • AC line or battery powered
  • Fast, small, portable
  • Safe to use
  • No wire or shield nicking
  • Solid, stranded or shielded wires
  • Hand held
  • Low cost

PTS-30 thermal wire stripper is a low power line operated tool, which far surpass all previous devices in safety, versatility, speed and economy. The patented design incorporates a uniquely shaped nichrome heating element, which heats up quickly (less than 4 seconds) to an optimal temperature of 1700°F and efficiently strips high temperature insulation PTFE from solid, stranded, or shielded wires in the range of # 16 to #30 AWG.

The Extremely thin heating element evaporates such a negligible amount of insulation, that the use of these strippers does not require any kind of special ventilation, whereas toxic fumes from the use of the competitive thermal strippers must be exhausted.

The low mass, guarded element minimizes the risk of burns, eliminates nicks and broken strands of conductors and reduces lead pull on sensitive components.  These comfortably sized handheld tools operate on 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, with power consumption of 40 watts or less, depending on model.


Dimensions: 5.9in. (150mm) x 2.25in. (57mm) x 2in. (51mm)
Weight: 1lb. (.453kg)

PTS 30 Series
PTS-30/ PTS-30S/ PTS-30C/ PTS-30HD/ PTS-30HDS  

PTS-30: (PTFE only) #16-#30 AWG

PTS-30S: (PTFE only) #30-#40 AWG

PTS-30C: (PTFE only) ".160-.220" OD Microwave Type Coaxial Cables (Gore ect.)

 PTS-30HD: (PTFE only) #10-#14 AWG



PTS-30HDS: (PTFE only) #8 AWG



Price: $125.00
Status: In-Stock 

PTS-40/ PTS-40S/ PTS-40C/ PTS-40HD/ PTS-40HDS  

PTS-40: (PTFE only) #16-#30 AWG Battery Powered

PTS-40S: (PTFE only) #30-#40 AWG Battery Powered

PTS-40C: (PTFE only) ".160-.220" OD Microwave Type Coaxial Cables (Gore ect.) Battery Powered

PTS-40HD: (PTFE only) #10-#14 AWG Battery Powered



Price: $128.00
Status: In-Stock 



PATCO is a manufacturer for state of the art wire stripping products, included in our line of products are the wire strippers, wire cutter, coaxial cable stripper, wire stripper cutter as well as the thermal wire stripper. We carry a cable stripping tool for any need. PATCO's wire stripping and cable stripper is easy to use and guaranteed for a one year period from the date of shipment.

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