Thermal Wire Stripper PTS-300 Series

PTFE Insulation

These models operate exactly the same as the PTS-30 Series.

The PTS-300 Series Tool consists of a Universal Switching Power Supply (PTS-300P) and a detachable Stripping Head. Each Power Supply is equipped with a built-in temperature controller which allows the user to precisely match the temperature of the stripping element to the melting temperature of insulation in a vast variety of different types of wire. It is housed in a separate enclosure which makes the stripping head very light (less than 6 oz.).

The PTS-300 Series can be purchased as a complete unit (PTS-300, PTS-300C, PTS-300S etc.) or individual stripping head only! ( PTS-3, PTS-3C, PTS-3S, PTS-3HD etc.)

The 300P series power supply is compatible with all the PTS-3 Series Heads.

Additional Specifications:

Dimensions: (Power Supply) 3.00 in. (76 mm) x 2.00 in. (50 mm) x 1.4 in (35 mm)
Weight: (Power Supply) 4.4 oz. (0.125 kg)
Input Power: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

PTS 300 Series
PTS-3 / PTS-3S / PTS-3C / PTS-3HD / PTS-3HDS  
Shown is PTS-3.

PTS-3: #16 - #30 AWG (Stripping Head Only)

PTS-3S: #30 - #40 AWG (Stripping Head Only)

PTS-3C: .160 - .220” OD Microwave Type Coaxial Cables (Gore etc.)

PTS-3HD:#10 - #14 AWG (Stripping Head Only)



Price: $89.00

PTS-300/ PTS-300S/ PTS-300C/ PTS-300HD/ PTS-300HDS  

PTS-300#16 - #30 AWG (Not for PVC) 100-240V 50/60Hz.
Built in temperature controller

PTS-300S (PTFE only) #30 - #40 AWG
Built in temperature controller

PTS-300C (PTFE only) .160 - .220” OD Microwave Type Coaxial Cables (Gore etc.)
Built in temperature controller

PTS-300HD (PTFE only) #10 - #14 AWG
Built in temperature controller

PTS-300HDS (PTFE only) #8 AWG


Price: $215.00
Status: In-Stock 

Switching Power Supply for PTS-300 Wire Stripper Series. Built in temperature controller. 
100-240V 50/60Hz.

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Price: $134.00



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