Thermal Wire Strippers are the future of hand-held wire strippers used in the electronic and electrical industry.  Patco Inc. is the manufacturer of the largest variety of thermal wire strippers in the world.


PATCO warrants this product to be free of defects in workmanship and materials, and to perform per published specifications under normal conditions for a period of one year.


If the wire stripping unit becomes defective due to workmanship or materials at any time within one year or purchase, return this unit to the distributor or dealer from whom the unit was purchased along with proof of purchase ( sales slip, invoice, or receiving slip copy), for a replacement with a new unit.


If the wire stripping tool becomes defective beyond the one year warranty period, or was damaged due to physical abuse, or attempts to operate the tool beyond its specification limits, warranty replacement does not apply.

However, PATCO maintains a repair service which can repair and return your damaged unit in proper operating condition at a fixed charge.


PATCO products are warranted for operation per specification for a period of one year from the date of shipment, providing products have been properly stored, handled and used.  Warranty is limited to repair or replacement at PATCO's option.


Buyer assumes responsibility to apply PATCO's products with due regards to safety where personal injury, death, or property loss is concerned, and PATCO accepts no responsibility for these or for other consequential damages.  PATCO recognizes no other warranty policy than this policy as stated, regardless of the fact that orders may be accepted which attempt to blind PATCO to other stipulation.




PATCO is a manufacturer for state of the art wire stripping products, included in our line of products are the wire strippers, wire cutter, coaxial cable stripper, wire stripper cutter as well as the thermal wire stripper. We carry a cable stripping tool for any need. PATCO's wire stripping and cable stripper is easy to use and guaranteed for a one year period from the date of shipment.

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