Thermal Wire Strippers are the future of Hand-Held wire strippers used in the Electronic and Electrical industry. Patco Inc. is the manufacturer of the largest variety of Thermal Wire Strippers in the world.

Traditionally, the electronics Industry has preferred mechanical wire strippers, because thermal types have had the following detrimental qualities:

  • Thermal wire strippers have produced a poor quality strip.
  • Thermal strippers have been slower than mechanical means.
  • The price of thermal strippers has been too high.


Now, PATCO, INC. has developed a series of thermal wire strippers which outperform mechanical types on all three points:

  1. Our unique patented stripping element design consistently produces excellent quality strips.
  2. We have demonstrated that our strippers are the fastest manual strippers in the world.
  3. Our strippers cost less than good quality mechanical strippers.

Our strippers last longer, are more versatile, produce consistent high quality strips, eliminate nicks and broken strands of conductors, reduce lead-pull on sensitive components, but what is probably most important, they are FASTER. Once mastered, our tools will prove to be the fastest manual means available for stripping wires. Never before was this possible.

High quality cut is achieved by rounded edges of heated, super thin stripping element (.008″ – .010″ depending on model), rather than sharp edge. Insulation is thermally cut all the way to the conductor, but without nicks.

We can say, we have revolutionized wire stripping technology. Five year test on our model PTS-10, with over 2 million stripped wires, using the same element speaks for itself. The stripper has won a “FIVE STAR PRODUCT OF THE MONTH” award in “DESIGNFAX” magazine and was also featured in “POPULAR SCIENCE” magazine.

Our strippers also exhibit the lowest possible lead pull on sensitive components, because of the complete separation of the stripped slug from the insulation. Moreover, this high quality performance continues unchanged, strip after strip, unlike any mechanical strippers which rely on a sharp edge which begins to dull on the first strip. It is not the cutting that dulls the edges of the sharp edge strippers but the removing of the insulation slug.

After the sharp edges of the mechanical jaws close around the wire to be stripped, the insulation slug must be pushed off the conductor. It is physically impossible to maintain the conductor precisely centered between the two sharp jaws in order to prevent conductor damage. The conductor dragged over the razor sharp edges not only scrapes the conductor but also dulls the edges.


Sincerely yours,

Tony Nespor, President