PTS-10 is Small, Lightweight, Low Power Line Operated Tool which efficiently strips wires ranging from #14-#30 AWG. It surpasses all previous devices in Safety, Versatility & Economy.


Replacement Elements are sold only in 5 pcs. per pack.

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PTS-10 Thermal Wire Stripper is a Small, Lightweight, Low power line operated wire stripping tool which far surpasses all previous  devices in Safety, Versatility and Economy. The patented design incorporates a uniquely shaped nichrome heating element, which heats up quickly (less than five seconds) to an optimal temperature of 450°F” and efficiently strips thermoplastic insulation from solid, stranded or shielded wires from #14 to #30 AWG, and will not burn the skin if accidentally touched due to its low power and minimal mass.


The smooth design heating element eliminates nicks and broken strands of conductors and reduces lead pull on sensitive components. The comfortably sized tool may be easily handheld, which is ideal for use in hard to reach places, or the thermal wire stripper may be conveniently table-mounted for one-hand operation. Model PTS-10 operates on 120VAC, 60Hz, with a power consumption of only 3 Watts.

Different line voltages are available on special orders.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 4 x 3 in

4.3 in. (110mm.) x 2.00 in. (51mm.) x 1.8 in. (46mm.)


13 oz. (.37 kg.)

AC Power

120V AC, 60 HZ, 3W



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